With the new Calculator you can easily calculate - as the name says. Different to other plugins of this kind is that you're able to perform all math functions with one simple command!


  1. Commands
  2. How to install
  3. How to update
  4. Credits


/calc [operation (+, -, *, /, sin, cos, tan, sum, min, max, log, pi, e, g, ...)]
i.e. /calc sin(2) / pi or /calc sum(10, 15) or /calc min(10, 15, 20)

The very simple /calc-function is the core function of our calculator. Just use it for everything and try out everything you want.

/calc functions

Shows all available functions of the calculator.

/calc update

This function simply updates the calculator plugin.

How to install

Installing Calculator is quite easy. Just follow the following steps.

  1. Download the current Calculator.jar from
  2. Upload it into your servers plugins-Directory
  3. Reload or restart your server

How to update

Simply update the plugin using the integrated Auto Updater.

  1. Execute the command /calc update
  2. Wait until the server asks you to restart
  3. Click Yes or execute the command /reload

Of course you can also redo the installation process.


This Plugin works with the Math Expression String Parser (MESP) by stormdollar, an API to solve mathematic expressions which is licensed under the BSD License.