Developer: iZefix
Latest Version: 3.0
Rating:4.8000001907349 / 5 (17 reviews)
Price: Free
latest version 3.0
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This Plugin allows you to manage your server ingame! You can manage players, plugins and files with just one simple command: /manager


  1. GUI
  2. Commands
  3. Permissions
  4. How to install
  5. How to update



Online Players

The Online Players menu allows you to see the players currently online on the server. By clicking on a certain player, you can open a Player Menu and, for instance, spectate or ban the player. The Menu is updated every second.


In the Plugins Menu, you can view all plugins currently installed and add a new one. The process of adding a new plugin is self-explanatory. Just click on the Add... icon and you will be guided through. By clicking on a plugin icon, you can access the Plugin Menu where you can enabled/disable a plugin, edit the config and more.


In the Files Menu, you can view the folders on your server. By clicking on a folder, the data in this folder will be shown. If you click on a file, the File Menu will be opened where you have access to multiple file options like view and delete.

Offline Players

This Menu is pretty similar to the online players menu. Everyone who ever joined the server is shown here.



Opens the main MCManager GUI. You can access all functions from there.

i.e. /wget plugins

Downloads the file frome the url and saves it to the given destination. If a File is saved to the plugins folder, the plugin will try to load the new file as a Plugin. This requires no reload/restart. If the url is to long for the chat you can also use an url shortener (i.e.,, ...).

i.e. /config Plugin true

Allows you to edit the config values of a certain value. If the path equals "home", an overview GUI will be opened. This Command is accessible from the main GUI.

/mkdir [folder]
i.e. /mkdir plugins/test

Creates a new directory at a given location.


Shows the current log (typically logs/latest.log)


All commands have OP permissions level.

How to install

Installing MCManager is quite easy. Just follow the following steps.

  1. Download the current MCManager.jar from our website
  2. Upload it into your servers plugins-Directory
  3. Reload or restart your server

How to update

Simply update the plugin using the integrated Auto Updater.

  1. Click on the Update icon if it appears in the main GUI
  2. Follow the update instructions

Of course you can also redo the installation process.