MCManager version history

This is the version history for our project MCManager. We strongly recommend to always download the newest release to ensure that you always got the newest functions and security fixes.

3.0 New Design A new design has been added to MCManager, making it more simple than ever to manage your server. Additionally, it is now possible to update your server with BuildTools very easily and you are able to search for installed plugins and players. Download
2.8 Not yet 3.0 Prepared infrastructure for 3.0 as a new design has been rolled out. Additions: - View and modify inventories of other players - Search for players and installed plugins in GUI - /log command instantly shows the log - Unloaded worlds are now shown in the worlds menu I recently had some licensing issues therefore this is also a short reminder that the MCManager core plugin is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0 . Please refer to it accordingly when using APIs or the like. Bugfixes: - Simplified access for upload and other web features - Improved API access - Fixed a weird behaviour in the main menu - Improved Permission support, including negated permissions - Fixed a issue where the paste button was not working under certain circumstances - Finally removed a test command and some debug messages For more information about the security aspects of this plugin, please donate on PayPal. ;) As always, please report bugs on BitBucket. If you are interested in the source code, you can also check it out there. Download
2.7 Temporary moved to Spigot The Plugin has moved to Spigot. The new version will also contain a working updater. Download it there. Download
2.2 WebServer, Bugfixes and Beta Support for You are now able to download files from the server. A download button has been added to the file menu. Please note that you need to configure an account under more settings>webserver to download. German has been added. Execute /manager language de_DE to change. Bugfixes: - Fixed some permission issues with the books - File editing books can no longer be dropped - The FilesMenu, PluginsMenu and ConfigMenu only show next page buttons when needed. - Fixed issues with the /wget Command - Improved Internationalisation - and more.. Download
2.1 Summer Update The Plugin has been fully redesigned while still providing all and even more function. You can now directly search and download plugins from spigot and an API for developers has been added. Download
2.0 Version 2.0 Release A couple of bugs have been fixed. Additionally, you can now disable damage for a certain player and teleport him to you and the other way round. What should be added next? A world manager or more file managing features? Download
2.0-pre1 New Design The Plugin has been redesigned and is now a whole ServerManager for Players, Plugins and Files. Please note that this is a Pre-Release and therefor bugs may occur. Download
1.4.1 Updater QuickFix Sorry for this update, it just fixes a small issue with the updater. Download
1.4 Edit Plugin Configs + Bugfixes You are now able to edit Plugin configs and apply changes immediatly. Fixed some bugs with the Updater and an issue with the color of the texts in the books. Sorry for the long time without any updates ;) Download
1.3 Edit Files + Autocomplete You are now able to edit files with this Plugin. To do so, simply execute the '/nano ' Command. You will be given a book with content of the file. When you have finished, click on sign and enter a random title. Your content will be saved. You can also create new Files and directories. These will be created if they don't exist when executing the /nano Command. There is also an Auto-Completer available by pressing TAB for the /nano, /rn and /rm Command. Requires Minecraft 1.8.3 or higher. Download
1.2 Rename / Move Command Download
1.1 ActionBar Fix (Now compatible with all 1 Multiversioned the Plugin Download
1.0 First Release Released the Plugin. Download
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