Developer: iZefix
Rating:4 / 5 (2 reviews)
Price: Free

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This is the description of the Spigot page of this plugin. Feel free to check the plugin out there aswell.

  • Custom description and icon in GUI
  • per warp permission support
  • configure warp in GUI
  • enable/disable warps
  • search for warps
  • warp animation (can be disabled)
  • delay before warp (can be disabled)
  • stand still to warp (can be disabled)
This plugin depends on MCManager . You have to install it to use this plugin.


/warp [warp]
Shows all for the player available warps in a GUI or warps the player to the specified warp.
Permission: warp.<name> or no permission
Permission to change warp settings in GUI: editwarp.<name> or editwarp.* or setwarp or OP

/setwarp <name>
Creates and enables a new warp at the location of the player.
Permission: mcm.setwarp or OP


  • warp.<name> per warp, warp.* for all warps
  • editwarp.<name> per warp, editwarp.* for all warps
  • setwarp to set new warps
  • mcm.* or OP overrides all permissions

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