Welcome to Betafase Developers

We are a small team of developers working on different project including Spigot (Minecraft Server) plugins and educational projects like the RegisterMaschine, a simple Assembler simulator for school usage.

Most of our Minecraft Plugins are hosted on, feel free to check them out here. We believe in OpenSource projects, therefore most oft our source code is public on BitBucket.

Recent updates

Benefits of betafase

Reasonable prices

betafase offers you prices, that really make sense and are easy to understand. The prices are completely reinvested in betafase to finance new plugins and projects.

Working great

betafase plugins have been tested often before. If you althought discover a bug in one of our plugins you can simply use the bug reporter to report it and we'll provide a fix.

Constant updates

We're constantly updating all our plugins to provide you the best experience possible. Updates are tested and pushed as fast as possible and you'll be notified if updates are available.